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    Clean up! - Dorms


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    Clean up! - Dorms Empty Clean up! - Dorms

    Post by Grin on Sun Aug 13, 2017 4:20 pm

    Grin looked around the room, 3 of the previous guests were lying there, not a single sign of life. One of them was one the bed while the other two were a bit further away. The foul stench of the decaying corpses were even too much for Grin. The smell was penatrating his mask and destroying his nostrils. Grin sighed and cracked his fingers before putting on plastic cleaning gloves. "Such little time, a lot of stuff! Why did they have to bleed all over the damned place?"

    After putting the bodies in bodybags, Grin proceeded to mop the floor. Seeing that it wasn't affective at all, he grabbed a scrub and scrubbed the blood out of the floor. He then took the body bags and got rid of them.

    After the gorey part was over, it was time to change the beddings and loot the leftover belongings of the previous "guests".He changed the bedding with new stainless ones and started looting the wardrobes and safes. With the disapointment of not finding any valuables he left the room.

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